Written and illustrated by Alicia Lund
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In Doing What Works, the U.S. Department of
Education recommends that teachers encourage
girls in math and science by showing students
female role models to counter gender stereotypes
and increase self-esteem, interest, and
achievement in academic - especially in STEM
(science, technology, engineering and math).
Doing so, girls show high confidence that they can
succeed as students and as professionals.

Through entertaining story-telling, the Rainbow
Girls stories tie into recommended practices for
encouraging girls in their academic studies:
Ability is Expandable..... showing readers how
their brain grows when they practice and learn new
Female Role Models..... to counter gender
Sparking Curiosity..... demonstrating the path to
a career fosters long-term interest in academics.
This will set them on a path to success in life.  
Lolly Meets The Rainbow Girls is the anchor
story around which a series of books will be written
to represent each one of the Rainbow Girls
pursuing a professional career. Middle school is
an especially important time to reach young girls
and nurture their dreams of studying for careers,
especially those that have been traditionally
occupied by men. In future story lines, our
protagonists become professionals requiring the
use of academic strengths in their chosen
careers...... Pearl becomes a marine biologist
and oceanographer, Jade an environmentalist,
and Sunny an astronaut. Indy becomes a horse
trainer and Mary a veterinarian. Violet thinks she
will win an Olympic medal and become a sports-
caster, Rosie dreams about composing the music
for her own dance company and touring the world,
and Lolly wants to become a movie producer,
writing her own scripts.

This series of stories makes the perfect gift to
inspire any young girl - a daughter, a niece, a
granddaughter, a sister, a neighbor or friend,
members of the local Girl Scout troop or youth
program, a students…..